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Quotes I was blown away the other day when I asked if Mr. Stone could come to a meeting at my son's school. Mr. Stone said he might not be able to make it and to be honest I was a little sad, I needed all the back up I could have. I understood why he might not have been able to make it because he is so busy. I walked into the school so nervous and saw Mr. Stone's face waiting eagerly for me to arrive for the meeting. That right there gave me all the strength I needed, and showed me that there are people in this world that really truly care about each individual child and family. Neil Stone's Karate academy has been absolutely amazing during the ups and downs my son has been experiencing. Karate gives my son the chance to succeed in this world and teaches him lessons that are so important in life, there are great people at this Dojo to show him the way. I am happy that we took our son to NSKA it was definitely the best decision we could of made! Quotes
Christina Simpson
Very Happy Mom

Quotes At Neil Stone?s Karate Academy (NSKA) our son is learning a martial art and gaining much, much more! Mr. Stone and his staff have continuously exceeded our expectations since we joined five months ago. Teaching children seems to come naturally to Mr. Stone. He conducts classes with energy, enthusiasm, and fun and is able to engage every student. My husband and I have witnessed many behavioral and emotional improvements in our son since he began attending NSKA including: increased confidence, concentration, focus, and listening skills. He is now more determined to finish challenging tasks and is more eager to try new things. He shakes hands with people he meets and looks them in their eyes when speaking. He also raises his hand more frequently in class. We?ve noticed significant physical changes too such as improved coordination, balance, flexibility, strength, endurance/stamina, fine and gross motor skills. Quotes
Mom of 6 year old enrolled at NSKA

Quotes Im a student and my son attends as well. We been going for now 8 months. I see a huge change in my sons behavior, he foucus is so much better and my health as well has improve. The staff treats you as family, they do what ever they can to help you with anything you need. My son is now wanting to do nothing at all to karate all the time. Im very highly recommend neils stone Academy. Quotes
Parent and student

Quotes Our eight year old started at the Neil Stone's Karate Academy about a year ago and it?s been such a positive experience for our entire family. We had Ryan in another program previously but the focus was on karate promotions and not on his development into a better person. The striking difference with Mr. Stone and his team is that they take the time to get to know every child and focus on helping them grow and overcome their life challenges. They instill values and reinforce positive behavior that is valuable outside the dojo including home and school. I highly recommend that people try the Academy if you are looking for a program that goes beyond the others. Quotes
Blacke Bisson

Quotes About 9 months my son and i have been taking karate at neil stones and love every day we go. We get hand written letter welcoming us, which shows they take the time to make it special for each one not a gernal type up letter. It has help my son grow and change in a good way. My health has improve as well. They take the time to help each student and keep changing the classes so its not the same all the time. I highly recommend the staff is all great and patience. Quotes
Arlene p
Parent and student

Quotes While I was growing up, I was always active in sports, and in pretty good condition. As a Korean veteran, in the infantry, and stationed in Germany, 4 to 5 years ago, I started Uechi-Ryu karate. My original intent was not a Black Belt, but to get back into some semblance of good physical shape. At my age I thought it was going to take quite a long time. I started by going to class 2, then 3 times a week. The more I went, the more I wanted to go. I was excited as to feel I was accomplishing more than I expected. How does a teacher with a mixed class that ranges from white to 6th degree black belt, train in the same class, without ignoring any student? Every level student becomes a student and a teacher when working with someone that is a junior. Sensei Stone, not only teaches Uechi-Ryu karate, but as one can see by his more advanced students, he develops new teachers. Enthusiasm is contagious and that defines Sensei Stone. Quotes
Don Bradanese
Satisfied student

Quotes As a parent and as a student at your dojo, I just wanted to express my gratitude for all you do. It's clear to me that you have a difficult job, and I see that you do it well. I admire all the hats that you wear on any given day. Besides being a master at Uechi-Ryu expertly demonstrating all the karate moves, you manage to teach an incredible variety of students with a huge range in ages, strengths, weaknesses and skill sets. What I've been most impressed with is how you strive to know each student personally. You reach out to the "whole" person checking if he or she has problems at home or issues at school. You have a special knack for empowering the timid and building character in the undisciplined. Any other person who works hard to be on top of his business, would likely be too stern and serious, but somehow you have kept a great sense of humor and have created a friendly, warm atmosphere. Quotes
Christine D
Parent & Student

Quotes I just want to take a minute and thank you for Molly's pizza party. She had a blast and felt very special. It meant a lot to her. In the past few months that she has been practicing with your Academy her focus, respect and attitude have all changed for the better. She loves coming to class and asks if we can go everyday. In early April when she tested for her 2nd stripe she was so nervous at the promotion class she wouldn't stand up to do her kata. She said she was scared. My heart broke for her because I know how badly she wanted to do it but just wouldn't allow herself. She was guided through it and to her delight, promoted. Fast forward three weeks, with watching the YouTube video and practicing with a visual her self confidence has grown. Yesterday in front of her friends she did Sanchin on her own in front of everyone! Just to see her grow has made karate worth every penny. Thank you for everything! Quotes
Rachel S

Quotes My two daughters have been practicing karate at Neil Stone's Karate now for 6 months for my oldest and 1.5 years for my youngest. Neil and his staff have done so much to help our children learn and grow. They do a great job of pulling together the children's home lives, school lives and life at the dojo and I believe positively impacting all areas of their lives. I believe this on one of the best decisions my husband and I made, to enroll them in this martial arts school. This decision was made simply because my little daughter Rebecca decided at the age of 4 that she wanted to "try karate". I had met Neil Stone prior and was so impressed with how he interacted with my older daughter. He was so respectful towards her. He requested that she look him in the eyes when she said hello and shook his hand. I knew as soon as Rebecca wanted to do karate, that was the dojo we were headed for. If you are thinking about putting your child in karate, I HIGHLY recommend NSKA. Quotes

Quotes Neil Stone was described to me as, " the horse whisperer" for children". This is 100% accurate. Initially, I just wanted my son to get more exercise. That he does, but it is just the tip of the iceberg. Mr. Stone and the other instructors not only teach karate, they teach life skills and lessons. Skills like how to stay in control, focus, body consciousness, and how not to be bullied. My son has been studying with Neil Stone for a little over a year and his improvements in these and other areas have been nothing less than remarkable. And he loves to go each and every time! Every class is different and each month has a different theme, such as trust, optimism, modesty, perseverance, etc. Mr. Stone may decide that a kid needs to work on something else, like confidence or perseverance so he may deviate from the theme and say a few words on that topic if he thinks it will be beneficial to the group. In addition to all of that, Mr. Stone ALWAYS supports parenting. Quotes