Neil Stone's Karate Academy

 Serving Brookline and Southern NH Since 2004 

Neil Stone's Karate Academy Programs

Junior Program

The junior program does teach children how to defend themselves...but not in the way portrayed on TV or film. First of all, we teach our students to be safe by using a common sense approach to protection. This means understanding conflict resolution techniques, self-defense techniques, and self defense strategy. Our second area of emphasis is physical fitness. We develop fundamental athletic skills like coordination, flexibility, and body balance. The third component, is what we believe to be the most important; character development. At the Academy we emphasize what we refer to as The Eight Virtues of a Black Belt: modesty, courtesy, integrity, compassion, gratitude, self-control, perseverance, and indomitable spirit.

Adult Program

Our curriculum is a unique self-defense and self-improvement program. Karate, as taught at our Academy, can help improve a person physically, mentally and emotionally. Uechi-Karate consists of three related areas of training. 1.) TRAINING OF THE BODY to include flexibility, coordination, balance, strength, speed and stamina. 2.) TRAINING OF THE MIND to include concentration, awareness, emotional discipline, confidence and serenity. 3.) TRAINING IN SELF-DEFENSE to include timing, distancing, accuracy, techniques of blocking and counterattacking, and psychological principles of fighting.

Powerful Words Character Development System

Neil Stone’s Karate Academy is proud to be launching the industry’s leading character development program, Powerful Words!  A Personal Development Center building character as well as Martial Arts Academy, Neil Stone’s Karate Academy is incorporating this comprehensive character building program with their fun and exciting Martial Arts curriculum for children ages 4-14. Using Powerful Words Character Development, which includes “The Powerful Word of the Month” projects and lessons within the context of a fun, organized Martial Arts curriculum can invite students to listen, share, discover, and reflect—and of course, bring the lessons home to their family.

S.T.O.R.M. Leadership Development Team

As our students advance in rank they have the opportunity to join our S.T.O.R.M. Leadership Development Team. S.T.O.R.M. stands for Special Team of Role Models and is a group of students who assist in our class and ace as leaders and role models for younger students. The team meets once a month to learn teaching techniques and grow their leadership skills as well as assist in multiple classes throughout the week. This team is able to help take the core elements of the martial arts and elevate them while they grow in their studies.

Community Outreach Seminars

Neil Stone's Karate Academy offers a variety of FREE Community Outreach Seminars. The Seminars are offered to local communities, schools, Chambers of Commerce, organizations and businesses, and can be held at your location or ours. Topics for our seminars are:

  • How to keep your child safe.
  • Learn how to deflect the verbal and physical attacks from bullies.
  • Kids learn to develop focus, self discipline and great manners.
  • Safety awareness and self defense.
  • The A, B, C's of conflict resolution.
  • FIT FOR LIFE: How to improve your life, fitness and overall health in a fun and positive way.
  • GIRL SCOUT & BOY SCOUT TROOP ACHIEVEMENT: Self Defense training for all ranks in Girl and Boy Scouts troops and packs.

Birthday Parties

At Neil Stone's Karate Academy each Birthday Party is designed not only to be fun, but also to be educational. Best of all, you'll never see kids running around wild, or standing around bored. A trained instructor will supervise and coordinate everything. Each party is filled with specially designed drills and games making it possible for all the kids to have fun while they learn basic karate skills. All you have to do is reserve your date, and leave the entertainment to us. We even provide the cake and drinks! Everyone will go home remembering a wonderful time. We guarantee that your child's birthday party will be memorable, fun, well organized and professional. All the children will laugh and smile as they play and celebrate. After all, isn't that what birthdays are about?

Karate Camps & Parent's Night Out

Throughout the year Neil Stone's Karate Academy hosts a variety of themed karate camps and Parent's Night Out. These events are open to both students and the public. Camps run from 9-2 and are a combination of fun activities, self defense and food. A great way to spend a day. Parent's Night Out events are held on specific Saturday nights throughout the year. Each PNO has a theme and is the perfect way for the kids to have a fun supervised evening while the parents get to enjoy some down time. Call the Academy 603-672-8933 for a list of upcoming dates for our camps and Parent's Night Out events.