Neil Stone's Karate Academy

Southern New Hampshire's Only Private Martial Arts Academy


Neil Stone's Karate Academy is the area's only private martial arts academy, and we have proudly served Hollis, New Hampshire, and the surrounding community for over a decade. Our dojo integrates the traditional Okinawan techniques of Uechi-Ryu karate with modern teaching styles and principles of study, not only to enhance students' practice of the martial arts, but to heighten the personal and overall lives of everybody who enters our school.

Sensei Neil Stone's twenty-five years of teaching experience have allowed us to make NSKA into a full character development center, while providing expert instruction in traditional Japanese martial arts. We also offer seminars, demonstrations, classroom presentations and special initiatives for our students, and we go above and beyond to help enhance every aspect of our students' lives.


Little Tigers

Our Little Tigers Program is a great choice for parents looking to give their preschooler a jumpstart in learning physical, mental and social skills. All in a fun and safe environment!

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Junior Program

Self-defense, bully prevention, character development, ages four and up

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Teen and Adult Programs

Self-defense skills for the real world, age 13 and up

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Martial Arts for Seniors

Adults of all ages can stay active and healthy! Come and see why senior citizens are choosing the martial arts as an activity to improve their well being and stay mentally and physically engaged well into their senior years.

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Uechi Fit

A unique blend of martial arts and high intensity workouts that will leave you feeling stronger and more energized!

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Birthday Parties

Full-service, professionally run and handled with expert care

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Character Development Program

Learning life skills through the Martial Arts.

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Community Outreach

Workshops, seminars, demonstrations, classes, presentations

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S.T.O.R.M. Program

NSKA's Special Team of Role Models

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Home School Program

Look no further for a great physical (and mental) educational program to integrate into your Home School Program.

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Neil Stone

Owner & Sensei

8th degree black belt with over 30 years of training and teaching experience. Sensei Stone has helped thousands of students reach and exceed their goals, and is a well-known figure in the local community.

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Deb Stone

Program Manager

Holds the rank of 7th degree black belt, and was a former dojo owner in the North Shore in Massachusetts and is a physical fitness guru.

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John Smith

Head Instructor

Holds the rank of 3rd degree black belt, and has been with Sensei Stone since joining the junior program. John aspires to run his own martial arts school.

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Brian Edmonds

Head Instructor

Holds the rank of 4th degree black belt, and started with Sensei Stone in the Junior Program. Brian teaches while attending law school in Massachusetts.

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Nathan Harker

Business Director

Holds the rank of 6th degree black belt, and has been with Sensei Stone for over 25 years. Nathan started in the junior program and now helps on the operational side of running the Academy.

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Class Schedule


11:30-12:30: All Adult/Teen Ranks 4:00-4:30: Little Tigers 4:30-5:15: All Ranks 4-6 5:15-6:00: All Ranks 7-8 6:00-6:45: All Ranks 9-12 6:45-7:45: Adult/Teen Sandan & Up 7:45-8:45: All Adult & Teen Ranks


3:45-4:30: All Ranks 4-6 4:30-5:15: White through Purple Ages 7-12 5:15-6:00: Red through Brown Ages 7-12 6:00-6:45: Jr. Black Invitational 6:00-6:45: Uechi Fit 6:45-7:45: Brown and Black Belt Adult/Teen Ranks 6:45-7:45: White and Green Belt Adult/Teen Ranks 6:45-7:45: Adult/Teen Sparring


11:30-12:30: All Adult/Teen Ranks 2:30-3:15: Homeschool 4:30-5:15: All Ranks 7-12 5:15-6:00: All Ranks 4-6 6:00-6:45: All Ranks 7-12 6:45-7:45: All Teen Ranks 7:45-8:45: All Adult Ranks (Must Be 16)


3:45-4:30: All Ranks 4-6 4:00-4:30: Little Tigers 4:30-5:15: White through Purple Ages 7-12 5:15-6:00: Red through Brown Ages 7-12 sparring 6:00-6:45: Jr. Black Invitational sparring 6:00-6:45: Uechi Fit 6:45-7:45: All Adult/Teen Brown & Black Ranks 6:45-7:45: Adult/Teen White & Green Ranks 7:45-8:45: Adult/Teen Iikyu - Nidan Ranks


10:00-10:30: Little Tigers 11:00-12:00: All Adult/Teen Ranks 2:30-3:15: Homeschool 4:30-5:15: All Ranks 4-6 5:15-6:00: All Ranks 7-8 6:00-6:45: All Ranks 9-12 6:45-7:45: All Adult/Teen Ranks Promotional Friday 5:00-5:45: Testing Candidates Ages 4-7 5:00-5:45: HIT Team Meeting 6:00-6:45: Testing Candidates Ages 8-12 6:00-6:45: STORM Team Meeting 7:00-8:00: Testing Candidates All Teens/ Adults 8:00-9:00: AI Meeting


8:00-9:00: All Adult/Teen Ranks 9:00-9:45: All Ranks 4-6 9:45-10:30: All Ranks 7-12

Our Dojo

Our Dojo Our Dojo Our Dojo
In the fall of 2018, Neil Stone's Karate Academy moved from our original dojo, in Brookline, New Hampshire, to our new facility in the center of Hollis. Our 6,300-square-foot Academy offers a spacious central training floor, as well as accommodations including a welcome and reception area, an audience room to observe classes, a homework room for children and families, a private parent lounge, changing rooms, restrooms, showers, and numerous staff offices. The entirety of the dojo is kept to the highest standards of cleanliness and care, and is built in a flexible, open design that serves to enhance the experiences of our dojo family.

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